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Technology and technological advancement has surely penetrated all industries. Even the Ethiopia housing industry. Many more Ethiopians tend to move out of large large houses and enjoy the apartment style of living. Close to the heart of the city, accessible areas and the need for a vibrant atmosphere is getting people in and around the city. However, the price tag associated with the properties that are close to CBD premises are high and are continuously rising.

Here at Warka Real Estate, we aim to alleviate the this problem by thoroughly researching and administering state of the art property for sale in Addis Ababa for you. When you hear the phrase: “property for sale in Addis Ababa” you know who to look out for – the industry leaders, Warka Real Estate!

Our collaboration with major building firms, certified agents and industry leading professionals is what propels our services and ensures property for sale in Addis Ababa are kept at a high standard for all our clients. Knowing and exploring plays a pivotal role in our industry and we have the necessary ingredients to assist all clients with their property solutions. Determining the locations, specifying home details and applying an overall touch of elegance we hand pick our houses, in order to suit our client’s needs and aspirations.

We put in the work, so you can appreciate your new houses, hassle-free! For more on property for sale in Addis Ababa, you can visit our website properties page.

Focusing on inner city properties means we are able to provide our clientele with comprehensive knowledge of the Addis Ababa property market. Our level of expertise is second to none, with extensive experience and a drive to further elaborate on our existing infrastructure; Warka Real Estate is here to stay. Contact us today for more information on our property for sale in Addis Ababa.


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